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Pebble Rockô Flooring:
Premium Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Data

What is Pebble Rock Flooring?
Pebble Rock Flooring is a high-quality epoxy flooring that utilizes the finest quality epoxy binders with a vast selection of aggregate rocks, glass or quartz.

The average thickness of the finished Pebble Rockô epoxy flooring product is one-half inch on average. Thicknesses greater than one-half inch may be applied to account for depressions in the substrate. Of course, more material will be required, but the nominal additional cost is worth the investment to provide a smooth surface appearance in the finished installation.

Originally developed for outdoor installations around pool decks, patios, porches, sidewalks and driveways, our epoxy flooring is quickly gaining popularity for indoor installations for both commercial and residential applications.

Homes susceptible to flooding are an ideal application for our Pebble Rockô epoxy flooring because it cannot be damaged by water, mud, sand or other debris. It will not discolor or lose its bonding strength if subjected to flooding.

Cleaning epoxy flooring that has been flooded is as simple as rinsing with clean water, using a stiff bristle brush to loosen dried mud, sand or debris and finishing with a final rinse with clean water once again. A wet shop vacuum is used to evacuate the final rinse water.

Commercial office space as well as residential living space is also ideal for epoxy flooring because of the porosity of the finished product. Dust settles beneath the rock and epoxy surface and does not get stirred up until it is vacuumed with an upright or shop type vacuum.

Commercial vestibules and residential entries are also an ideal location for our Pebble Rockô epoxy flooring because dirt, dust and debris settles beneath the surface and is trapped until vacuumed. Your epoxy flooring surface will continue to appear clean and presentable.

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