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Pebble Rock™ Flooring:
Premium Epoxy Flooring

Frequently AskedQuestions

How is Pebble Rock Flooring applied?
A highly specialized formulation of epoxy is mixed with river stones, painted quartz or glass in small batches, then trowelled by hand at ½ inch thickness to create a seamless surface. In circumstances where different colors are installed side-by-side, one color must be allowed to cure for at least 12 hours (with our regular cure formula) or 4 hours (with our fast cure formula) before applying the other color. (Cure times are based on 75 °F)

Is Pebble Rock Flooring durable?
The superior epoxy formula is designed to withstand harsh ultra violet exposure as well as every day wear. With proper maintenance and re-sealing, your Pebble Rock Flooring should last virtually forever. The compressive strength of a cured Pebble Rock Flooring surface is 11,500 psi. This is two to three times stronger than most cured concrete. When our Seamless Premium Flood Coat™ is added to create a sanitary surface, the compressive strength increases to 18,500 psi.

How often does Pebble Rock Flooring need to be re-sealed?
This depends upon the installation whether it is indoors or outdoors. Indoor installations are also affected by the frequency of traffic. In order to maintain the luster of your Pebble Rock Flooring indoors, the surface should be re-sealed every five years for residential installations. Commercial installations may require more frequent re-sealing depending upon traffic wear and use. For outdoor installations, it depends upon the amount of ultra violet exposure to the surface. As a rule of thumb, the further south you are located, the more frequent the re-sealing is needed. Your Pebble Rock Flooring surface should be re-sealed every one to two years depending on your southern location in the hemisphere.

What function does your sealer provide?
Our indoor and outdoor sealers are an epoxy formula that integrates additional binding properties to the finished surface. This strengthens the Pebble Rock in your flooring. Our outdoor sealer contains additional properties for protection from ultra violet (UV) ray damage. Our sealers do not create an impervious seal coat, but they provide the surface protection you need from foot and vehicle traffic as well as damage that can be caused by UV rays. Your Pebble Rock Flooring surface will still remain porous with all the benefits associated with it such as hiding dirt, dust and not allowing water to puddle with light rain storms or use around swimming pools.

Is Pebble Rock Flooring stain-resistant?
The special epoxy blend resists virtually any stain because liquids don't puddle on the surface; they sink beneath it. It is even ideal for garages and driveways because of its resistance to salt and oil.

I have an upper level deck over my living room. Can Pebble Rock Flooring be installed on it?
Yes! We have developed two formulations of a waterproof membrane. Either product can be installed on your deck before the Pebble Rock application to provide total protection from water damage to your living room beneath.

Will Pebble Rock Flooring really reduce dust in my home?
Yes! This is one of the best benefits for indoor installations. Dust will settle beneath the surface and will not become airborne as other flooring surfaces allow. Simple vacuuming will remove it from the porous substrate. Your dusting chores will be drastically reduced.

Is Pebble Rock Flooring cold when installed in my home?
You would be surprised how much warmer your Pebble Rock surface is compared to tile-even when installed over concrete. The reason is simply due to its porosity and lack of mass. There is much less surface area that comes in contact with the concrete, air pockets reside within the 1/2" surface and it really does stay warmer.

Can Pebble Rock Flooring be used with in-floor heating?
Yes! In fact, you'll find that the time needed to warm your flooring is much less compared to tile or hardwood. This leads to reduced energy costs! We have found that a low-voltage heating system installed beneath the Pebble Rock Flooring heats better than radiant heat or high-voltage systems.

I live in an area susceptible to flooding. Will Pebble Rock Flooring be ruined?
Absolutely not... unlike carpet, hardwood or laminates that can be damaged by flooding, Pebble Rock Flooring can be restored and looking like new with a simple shop vac. Our flooring is ideal for basements that are susceptible to occasional flooding.

Is Pebble Rock Flooring suitable for climatic winters?
Pebble Rock Flooring has been field tested in extreme cold weather and easily withstands freeze / thaw cycles. Because of its durability, you can easily use a snow blower or simply shovel the snow off the surface. Sand or salt can be used as part of your winter maintenance to prevent ice build-up and will never damage the surface. The porosity in the rock structure provides minimal resistance for freezing ice and allows the ice to expand through the surface rather than causing lateral cracking.

Is Pebble Rock Flooring slippery?
Pebble Rock Flooring is OSHA and ADA approved as a slip-resistant surface and it provides an ideal solution for vulnerable areas such as walkways, outdoor ramps, entries, shower, and pool areas. For ramps and other entries that may require additional slip-resistance, a fine broadcast may be applied to the final sealer coat for extra traction.

Can Pebble Rock Flooring be used for installation on countertops or indoor floors?
Our versatile Pebble Rock Flooring product can be used in all indoor applications including any kitchen or wet bar surface. We can fill the spaces in the rock with more epoxy to provide you with a durable, smooth surface. The applications for Pebble Rock Flooring are virtually limitless.

Is Pebble Rock Flooring expensive?
Despite its outstanding beauty and durability, Pebble Rock Flooring costs less than most other durable flooring products such as tile, stone, marble, brick, stamped/stained concrete, and hardwood. Contact us for pricing information.

Is Pebble Rock Flooring covered by any warranty?
We stand behind Pebble Rock Flooring 100% as the manufacturer. Your Pebble Rock Flooring product comes with a solid 10-year product warranty. Our Dealers are fully trained to correctly install your Pebble Rock Flooring in order to comply with all warranty conditions. We fully believe in this product and pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction!

Will Vapor Emissions of 6% to 8% affect my Pebble Rock Flooring?
Yes. The threshold for vapor emissions is 4Lbs./1000Ft²/24Hrs. The reason that the installed flooring will be affected by vapor emissions is the same as other flooring products. Vapor emissions may lead to a failure in the bonding with the concrete substrate. We have developed a highly effective vapor barrier formula for protecting vapor emissions up to 15Lbs./1000Ft²/24Hrs. Our tests indicate that it has the ability to reduce the hydrostatic pressure emitted by the floor from 12 Lbs. per 1000 square feet to less than 1 Lb.

How can I test for vapor emission levels?
Begin by taping a 1' x 1' sheet of plastic firmly to the concrete. Before you place the sheet of plastic onto the concrete, use a hammer to create a few dents in a small area to fully open the pores. If, after 24 hours, you notice water droplets on the underside of the plastic sheet, you should confirm the amount of emissions by conducting a calcium chloride test. Calcium chloride test kits can be obtained from your Authorized Pebble Rock Flooring Dealer or online.

I had a rock & epoxy flooring system installed by someone but it's falling apart. Can you help?
Yes. We're aware of many companies that have gone out of business in this industry such as Rock Carpet, Quarry Carpet and others. Many other independent operators go in and out of business way too often. This is one reason why we place so much emphasis on the quality of our products and the proper training of our Dealer's installers. In order to assist people with problems such as loose rock and fading of competitor's installations, we have developed specific binders and sealers that will repair and strengthen your existing project. Some of the repairs may be noticeably different with the new rock and clear epoxy, but the structural integrity can be restored.Contact us if you need assistance.

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